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About the Climate Change Witch

Witchcraft found me in the midst of a dark night of the soul while I was in graduate school studying environmental science. I was specifically interested in climate change and "what to do about it," and thought the only way to try to help was to become a scientist. After spending years in academia, I was becoming increasingly anxious, panicked and depressed. My emotions were so intense because of my knowledge about environmental destruction and climate change it was taking a massive toll on my quality of life and mental health. As someone with a "preexisting condition" of mental illness issues, things were unbearable. In the midst of this, magic found me. Learning about witchcraft, magic, animism, the more-than-human realms completely transformed my understanding of the climate crisis. Magic showed me that healing myself was the most important first step toward healing the Earth, a process I was stubbornly resistant to. I wanted to project my energy outward, not inward, where all the broken darkness hid. In fact, witchcraft showed me that it's exactly looking at that broken darkness that will lead us out of crisis and hopelessness. This blog is an attempt to explain what I have learned.

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